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Is Cannabis right for you

With medical cannabis laws changing rapidly throughout Canada, more people than ever are asking if cannabis could be used to treat their conditions. From serious or terminal diseases to everyday ailments, there’s a good chance medical cannabis could help you. Learn more about how medical cannabis can help you.

How the process works

Graydon Green helps and supports clients to navigate the medical terrain and obtain a legal cannabis prescription. We adhere to the principles outlined in the guidelines for the safe dispensary of medical cannabis. Already have a prescription? Become a member.

What the Doctors say

More and more Canadian Doctors are jumping on board with providing patients with an alternative health solution to their illness. Read the reports on how many medical cannabis patients have decreased their reliance on highly addictive prescriptions and increase their quality of life from using medical cannabis.

Medical Cannabis Dispensary

Graydon Green is a private medicinal cannabis dispensary providing our members with high quality medical cannabis products.

Cannabis is an important therapeutic plant that must be readily accessible for those living with critical and chronic illnesses. We understand the importance of confidential, cost effective and prompt access to medicine for our patients. Graydon Green is comprised of knowledgeable and compassionate people who understand the importance of privacy, and are dedicated to addressing the individual needs of our members.

Providing patients with a selection of high quality strains of cannabis and cannabis related products, our product selection has been chosen carefully and with quality at the forefront. All products are safe, clean and of high quality.