Is cannabis right for me?

With medical cannabis laws changing rapidly throughout Canada, more people than ever are asking if cannabis could be used to treat their conditions. From serious or terminal diseases to everyday ailments, there’s a good chance medical cannabis could help you.

Many sufferers of chronic medical conditions may be wary of regular prescription drug use, especially if they require medication for pain relief. Often times, these medications can be addictive and/or come with severe, unpleasant side effects, including potential for overdose. One of medical cannabis's greatest advantages is its remarkable safety and wide range of medical benefits. It has little effect on major physiological functions and there is no known case of lethal overdose.

Cannabis is used to treat a broad range of common conditions in both people and pets:


  • Helps people suffering from PTSD
  • Used to treat chronic pain
  • Helps control Epileptic Seizures
  • Used to help stop the spread of cancer
  • Used in the treatment of glaucoma
  • May help decrease anxiety
  • Slows the progression of Alzheimer's disease
  • Treats inflammatory bowel disease
  • Reduces pain and nausea from Chemotherapy
  • Soothes tremorsfor people with Parkinson's
  • Eases the pain of Multiple Sclerosis
  • Decreases symptoms of seizures in Dravet Syndrome
  • Used to help treat insomnia
  • Lessens side effects of Hepatitis C treatment
  • Relieves arthritis discomfort
  • Helps cure skin conditions
  • Helps relieve Migraines
  • Helps treat symptoms of Aids/HIV
  • Has Palliative/end of care benefits
  • May be able to eliminate Chron's disease


  • May help joint pain/discomfort
  •  Maintain a healthy GI tract
  • Support normal neurolofical function
  • Assist in end of life care and comfort
  • Encourages a normal calm demeanor
  • The best way to know if medical marijuana is right for you is to talk to a medical professional.  Your doctor will be able to tell if marijuana is an option for you.  

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